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In the offshore industry, the need for specialized personnel is great, and availability is as critical as the maritime environment in which they operate. Filling gaps effectively requires not only experience and motivation, but also demonstrable qualifications. The offshore service company combines all these requirements with a team of experienced and responsible employees who are equipped with the necessary training and certifications to ensure the highest safety standards and operational excellence. We help you to fill your gaps.

Our qualified specialists

Fill your vacancies with our qualified personnel


Holders of load handling certificates and forklift licenses to ensure safe and efficient handling.


Specialist personnel with certifications for slinging loads and forklift licenses as well as special internal training courses for instructors to ensure precise instructions on load movement.

Crane operator

Our crane operators are not only certified to sling loads, but also have special crane certificates for use on offshore and mobile cranes, which ensures maximum operational safety under difficult conditions.

Nautical officers - nautical officers

These maritime experts are equipped with nautical patents, certificates for handling dangerous goods and fulfill all required roles according to mining law to ensure safety at sea and compliance with strict regulations.

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Specialists for your offshore project

With the Offshore Service Company, you will find a reliable source of highly qualified specialists who can strengthen your team and contribute to the efficiency of your offshore operation.

Many years of experience: We have the necessary know-how to successfully implement your offshore projects.

Extensive network: Thanks to our strong partnerships, we can offer you a wide range of services and cover all aspects of your project.

Professional expertise: Our team consists of highly qualified professionals who have the knowledge and expertise required to offer solutions tailored to your needs.

Customer orientation: We attach great importance to close cooperation with our customers in order to meet their individual requirements and achieve optimum results.

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